How to Hire the Worlds Best Employee

Finding job candidates that knock your socks off

With any company fit is important. Whether you are moving from 1 - 2 employees or 99 - 199 employees the hiring process can see somewhat challenging. Companies can easily advertise jobs these days on mediums like LinkedIn and Indeed, but how do these organizations get people who are clearly compatible with the culture and the team? Here are a few suggestions on how to only hire the best.

Step 1 - Create a job description. If you don't know what you want how are you going to be able to hire for what you want. Clearly define the duties of the person coming to work for you.

Step 2 - Be crystal clear on your companies core values. Take the time to work with your senior management team and agree on what your company is all about. This is what makes you special and unique and what your employees have to rally behind to support your organization.

Step 3 - Create position applications that fit the role. Hiring a detailed oriented person? Create detail in the application process to see how well they perform. A networking or community relations role? Give that person a chance to demonstrate follow up and persistence in the job application process.

By implementing these three steps you will weed out most who truly did not fit or were not capable of fulfilling the job requirements.

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